Eugenio (Jay) Marrazzo

About Eugenio (Jay) Marrazzo

Eugenio (Jay) Marrazzo, is relatively new to real estate but not to sales and marketing. For the last 20 years he has worked as an international sales and marketing consultant and coach. He worked with fortune 500 company’s on improving the customer experience through inspiration innovation and fun. 

His family immigrated from southern Italy when he was a child and grew up in NY. Growing up in an Italian home he learned stone work from his father and well as cooking from his mother. To this day he may be laying tile in the morning and making homemade pasta in the evening.

He began his Real estate career in 2017 working with his wife and Josh Miller and in that time, he has developed a passion for the industry. His primary and honestly only passion is working with people and helping to facilitate what can be a stressful process into one that is understandable transparent and fun. 

He is a true lover of life and understand how to stay in the moment with you and wants only to put clients at ease knowing that there is no end with him, every interaction is a beginning.

Eugenio (Jay) is looking forward to meeting you and working with you.