03/24/2020 – zuser20141109090043090

Josh Miller was there from step one, in this case many years ago. We spoke about purchasing a home before the market became so competitive. My husband and I then decided that we’d wait. I was in school and we’d just had our 4th child! We decided I’d finish school, get into my career, then buy a house.

I finished school last year in 2019. I was blessed to land a good job and was able to contact Josh via linked in. In the meantime my husband had switched careers and was also blessed to land a good job! We decided it was actually time. I let Josh know and he moved quickly to get us into our home, which couldn’t be more perfect for our family!
Josh took every call, answered every question very quickly, he communicated clearly and directly, he did everything he’d said he would! He never ignored a text or email, he responded right away, he found any information we needed if he didn’t already know it!

Josh, thank you for making this process very easy and especially smooth for our situation.